Marquee Lights featured on One Fab Day

Our giant illuminated letters have been featured on the website One Fab Day

You can read the full article here 

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One Fab Day also featured our marquee lights and LOVE sign here …

One-fab-day-Kippure-Estate-wedding-by-Frain-Photo-63 (1) One-fab-day-Kippure-Estate-wedding-by-Frain-Photo-62 (1) One-fab-day-Kippure-Estate-wedding-by-Frain-Photo-64 (1) Kippure-Estate-wedding-by-Frain-Photo-2025 One-fab-day-Kippure-Estate-wedding-by-Frain-Photo-53 (1)

Increasingly, couples and wedding coordinators are becoming more adventurous with unique wedding ideas and the styling of weddings decorations and wedding accessories.

The LED letters for weddings provided by LovinLetters have become the height of fashion and go-to place by Wedding Planners in Ireland.

One Fab Day has been a great resource for brides all over Ireland and we are delighted each time one of our lovely couples literally have their name in lights!

There are of course many different styles of light up letters, but as we also make the letters ourselves we can be sure that the quality and safety aspects are of the highest standard.

If you are looking for an interesting and effective way of lighting up your big day LovinLetters can create unique and customised combinations for you to add that personal touch to your venue.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for in our Gallery please get in contact with Linda or Gerry and they will be more than happy to spend time chatting with you about the various letter light options – and who knows, you ay be featured on One Fab Day as well.

Get in touch with us by email: or phone: 0872469086

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