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General Terms and Conditions for Lovin Letters


The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Lovin Letters from any loss, damage or injury however caused from any negligent act, omission or breach of this contract by the Hirer or its agents, which occurs during the event.

Lovin Letters carry public liability insurance to the value of 1.3€. However we recommend that separate “event” insurance be considered to cover against such eventualities as inclement weather, theft, equipment failure and any other unforeseen incidents.

Loss & Damages
I being the hirer accept full responsibility for the condition of all hired items during the hire period or until returned to Lovin Letters and will be liable for any damage incurred, or loss of said items. Repairs of damaged items will not be undertaken without the written authority of Lovin Letters. All missing items or those damaged beyond repair will be paid for at current retail value. In signing this document I also acknowledge that I have been provided with the authority to act on behalf of the party referred to as the “hirer”.

Lovin Letters owns all intellectual property, including all designs, literary and artistic works, documentation, plans, drawings, specifications, sketches, reports, graphics and logos created by it in relation to the event.

Must be made in writing and forwarding full payment within the designated time period. No products or props should be taken as secure until payments received.

Prepayment in full is required unless pre-arranged credit is organised with Lovin Letters.

Force Majeure
In the event of a force majeure (including but not limited to fire, casualty, accident, riot, war or other enemy action, act of God, strike, lock-out or labour conditions), which prevent the event, then the hirer shall pay all amounts for which Lovin Letters is contractually bound to pay, including all deposits, cancellation fees and other liabilities.

Cancellations and/or charges must be advised in writing. Cancellations made after written confirmation and payment received will be subject to the following:

Between 7 to 28 days from date of hire: Subject to 20% of the total amount of the hire value
Between 2 to 7 days from date of hire: Subject to 35% of the total amount of the hire value
48 hours from date of hire: Subject to 50% of the total amount of the hire value

Any disputes must be in writing within 48 hours for refunds to be considered. If disputes are not formally lodged then full payment is still required.

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